About Us

At Your zoomoon.club, your happiness and exquisite fashion is our #1 priority.
In 2013, our founder Lewis Cambell created Alba, a product design company that designs products to solve the hassles of life and work, such as cumbersome and difficult tools, inconveniences that go unnoticed, poor sensory appearance, and all the new inventions that make people excited and happy. Now we have the great dream of sharing our ZooMoon dream with people all over the world. We have joined forces with 387 design and manufacturing companies to investigate troubles and dreams from people's lives and work, from concept analysis, derivation, then product trial design, to single product shaping, and random product trials. After obtaining feedback from users, the products are then mass produced and then promoted online and offline. We open up a blog where we dream and talk about each other's troubles, so that all our customers can talk freely in it and we can share our troubles and brainstorm with each other, and then directly our company will do the concept design according to your ideas and finally launch our dreams together. Making life more dreamy is what our team is always working on!
Trust our team of experts to help you stay ahead of the curve and always stay on top of the latest technology. Join our product revolution as we continually challenge what's possible in your life and help bring awesomeness to the world.