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The headlights led by the introduction

The headlights led by the introduction

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The headlights led by the introduction, switching five lighting modes with gestures. Light, comfortable, strong, permanent, strong light. Use it, you are the most impressive star at night.

Wide -range beam and 230 degrees HEAD Torch has a bright LED lights for a variety of scenarios to meet your different needs, such as night walking, running and cycling.

5 lighting mode: LED lights forward there are five white light modes: highly high polyphenians, low polyphyroid mode, high valve mode, LED LED mode, frequency flash mode. In any other mode, a long -running flash frequency of the press / turning off, LED and COB lights will be lost at the same time.

Rechargeable battery: This light -shiaf lamp has a large rechargeable battery, including a mini USB charging cable to USB. A hand-lamp lamp lamp is equipped with a Type-C input upgrade to provide a faster charging experience. The shipping function not only provides the cost of replacing the battery, but it can also be recycled.

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